What Services Do Arborists Provide?


What is an arborist? An arborist is a lover of trees and they offer their expertise in the science and art of caring for them. Those who gain their certification expand their knowledge while following along with the planting and maintenance required for their sustained upkeep. Caring for your trees properly is a serious investment. The valuable services that arborists provide include:

Planting and Removing Trees

These two services are on the opposite sides of the care spectrum, but arborists are qualified to provide recommendations on the best locations in your yard to plant a specific species while also making the informed decision on whether removing your tree is necessary or not.

Tending and Pruning

Arborists know the best ways to maintain preventive care for your trees to keep them living long, healthy lives by keeping disease, insect, etc. issues at a minimum. This kind of care extends into pruning methods to enhance your trees’ appearance, safety, and overall health.

Emergency Care

As life happens and you aren’t able to quickly become a certified arborist yourself or give your tree the proper care in a time of need, you should hire an arborist. They will be able to safely diagnose the correct protocol to ensure the least amount of damage will be done to your property. Whenever you have a consultation request, need help with bracing and cabling your tree, or assessing any potential risks, calling an arborist Marietta GA is your best bet.

When your trees are cared for accurately, not only will they be healthier, but your property value will also increase. You lessen your risk of any injury from attempting to prune or care for your tree by yourself, and you hire somebody you know is just as passionate about the care and needs of your precious trees as much as you are.