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Why You Should Get Yourself a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers might be little in size however they are enthusiastic about personality. For them, the size is certainly not a major issue and they scarcely even notice it; their eagerness is a match for many bigger terriers. They absolutely love attention and affection, yet they also have a more stubborn and bold side to their personality. Their interest and the rate at which they get mischievous is something that can be anticipated from a greater dog and not the charming terrier. The Yorkshire terrier is very friendly, and they suffice as very good companions. They aren’t shy one bit and can be very bold and fearless now and again. They love to play with dog toys and will remain entertained for quite a while. The dogs absolutely love those that they consider family, and if they sense any hint of danger towards any of them, they will bark their heads off. These attributes make these terriers the perfect possibility for a watchdog. Them being a great watchdog is very nice, but in doing so, they bark very much and get into it. Yorkshire Terriers will bark a great deal so if this is something that you don’t like, maybe you ought to reevaluate your decision.

This breed of dogs is very friendly, and they relate very well to children, but it is a much better relationship if they were brought up together. It is in their nature to be nice to children; however, any wrong move on the part of the child and the dog could become quite aggressive. You should teach your child how to play nice with the dog so that they don’t end up irritating the dog without knowing it. Yorkshire Terriers can snap at a kid if they behave wrongly towards them. The Yorkshire terrier breed isn’t friendly to different creatures; unless they have lived under one roof for long. You should socialize the animals well if you want them to get used to each other. They particularly don’t care for cats and rodents. It is a piece of the terrier’s instinct to chase creatures like this, and it is difficult to dispose of this mentality.

They learn very fast in their training because they are animals that are quite clever. Every dog needs some sort of activity to keep them happy no matter the size. One walk every day for no less than fifteen minutes is enough for the Yorkshire terrier. If there are days when this isn’t a possibility for you, you can get him loads of toys that will keep him entertained until you can take them on a walk again. They don’t shed hair; however, it is great practice to keep them prepped and clip them now and again. Brush their hair all the time or else it will get matted.

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