Tips on Caring for Wood Furniture



Choosing home furniture does use more wood as the basic material. Because wood has a lot of plus points. For furniture made of wood, usually in the form of wardrobes, bookshelves, study tables, dining tables, and even kitchen equipment.


Furniture made from wood is indeed interesting. However, it must be maintained regularly so that it does not break quickly. Because wood is easily exposed to fungus, termites, and cracks if it is not cared for properly and routinely. We have a few tips for caring for your wooden furniture at home. Try following the steps below:


Clean The Dust Using A Rag Or Duster


We recommend that you clean your furniture every day from the dust that sticks. You can use a duster or a clean rag. This can minimize the dust that sticks which will become spots on your furniture at home.


Put it in a Dry Place


Furniture should be placed in a dry place. Because fungi like to attack in damp places. Mold stains on the wood are difficult to clean and can cause dirty spots on your furniture.


Use Wooden Furniture Base


For large and heavy furniture, especially those made of hardwood, you should use a mat to suppress the weight. Give a coarse cloth on each furniture leg. So that every shift of furniture does not cause scratches on your floor. Even more so if your floors are wooden floors. It is very important to pay attention to things like this.


Move Carefully


If you are bored with the monotonous appearance of your home, you can move the furniture according to your taste. But don’t move too often. Because it will impact the wood is easily damaged if shifted too often and not carefully. Large and heavy furniture should not be moved alone. Apart from being difficult, moving items together will balance the weight of the furniture so that it doesn’t leave scratches when moved.


Immediately Clean From Water Stains


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For a dining table that functions as a place to put food and drinks, it is not uncommon for the food and drinks to be spilled accidentally. It is best to clean it immediately so that it does not seep into the pores, causing dampness on your wooden furniture.


Clean Between Using a Brush Or Brush


Furniture that has carvings or gaps that are difficult to clean using a regular duster or cloth should be cleaned using a brush or brush. Because if it’s not clean, spiders will usually nest in your furniture.


Clean Using Leftover Tea Water


Apart from being consumed for our bodies, tea water can also be used as a cleaner for your wooden furniture. Especially if your furniture is made of teak wood. The trick is to simply dip a clean cloth into the remaining tea water, then apply it to the surface of your furniture. After drying the result will look cleaner.


Clean Using A Wood Polisher


In addition to the other easy methods above, you can also clean furniture using natural polishes that come from wax. Such as Biopolish Linseed Oil for wood furniture polish, and Biopolish Beeswax for wood polish for interiors that come in direct contact with food such as cutting boards, wooden bowls and so on.


Use Termite Or Antifungal Drugs


If your furniture has been exposed to mold or termites, you should immediately clean it using anti-fungal and anti-termite drugs that are safe and environmentally friendly. Because wooden furniture is easily attacked by fungi and other insects.


Those are some tips on caring for furniture made of bamboo and wood. If necessary, you can recoat using a water-based finishing material.