Tips for Caring For Air Conditioning

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The presence of air conditioning in the house is very helpful to dispel the heat and stifling feeling at home. Especially if there are children at home, the air conditioner is like an anti-hot hero during the day when it is hot, considering that children sweat more easily because they move more activities than adults. Like most electronic equipment. Caring for air conditioning properly so that it can last its durability. It’s easy, we just need to call an AC service repairman to do periodic checks and clean up. But there are also some things we can do ourselves to keep our air conditioners more durable in use. Let’s explore further how to care for the air conditioner.

Make Sure the Size Of The AC PK Matches The Area Of ​​The Room

This is actually the first thing we have to do when we decide to buy an air conditioner. Believe that this will affect the performance of the air conditioner in the room that will be installed later. In essence, when the PK of the AC is too small to be placed in a large room, not only is the room not cool, but the continuous maximum performance of the AC to match the needs of the room will quickly damage the AC. On the other hand, if a large PK is placed in a small room, the result is a waste of electricity. To determine a suitable AC PK, there is actually a calculation formula and you can see more details in the article on AC PK Needs based on Room Area.

Do Not Set the Thermostat Temperature Below 22°C

This is the most common mistake we encounter as AC users because of the misunderstanding about setting the AC temperature via the remote. Often when we turn on the air conditioner we immediately set it to the lowest temperature position with the intention of making the air conditioner cool faster, right? I will explain a little about the working mechanism of the AC (non-inverter) so that it is easier to understand the meaning of this point. When you set the temperature at 23°C, the AC compressor will immediately work making the temperature in the room at 23°C. The AC detects that the room temperature has reached the specified point, the AC compressor will stop working and the AC will only blow air.

If the room temperature has risen again, then the AC compressor will start working again. This is a repetition that keeps happening when the AC is on. Then what if the temperature is set at 16°C? Imagine with the same working mechanism but the difference is that the AC will not be able to detect the room temperature at 16°C because, with the climate in Indonesia, it is almost impossible for a room temperature to reach 16°C. This will make the AC compressor work at its maximum continuously thereby reducing the life of the AC compressor.

Clean the Air Conditioner Filter Regularly

The air filter contained in the body of the air conditioner functions to filter dust and clogs on the surface of the air conditioner evaporator. If the air filter is not cleaned regularly, it will cause the air conditioner to not cool, what we have is to lower the temperature of the air conditioner so that the room is cold. Unfortunately, this is a completely wrong assumption. Clean the air filter every 2 weeks in addition to maintaining durability, also so that the air conditioner works optimally.

AC Service Routine

This may be one of the things that is a bit difficult if we do it ourselves and we usually call an AC repairman. AC filter, it’s better to wash the AC regularly for 3 months, while washing the AC you can ask the AC service repairman to check the AC freon if it’s already empty, it needs to be refilled or maybe there is a leak.

Those are the tips that I can give to extend the life of the air conditioner. There’s one last thing I need to warn you about, which is to turn off the AC when not in use. In addition to resting the AC compressor so that it doesn’t get damaged quickly, you’ve also saved electricity. Happy practicing!