Three Things to Consider When Converting a Carport to a Garage

General Article

With the beginning of garages in the 1920s, carports slowly started diminishing in numbers with each decade. Carports are certainly less common today but if your current home has a carport and you’d like to convert it to a garage, there are some factors and details you need to consider.

Check Regulations

Before moving too far ahead with your project, be sure to check with your local city’s building department and/or homeowner’s association (HOA). You will likely need to get a building permit due to the size and regulation of the project (e.g., fire codes). If your home is regulated by an HOA, check if there are any limits to converting the carport to a garage. Traditional HOAs have limits on what can be done to the exterior of the building.

Evaluate Carport Structure

Once you’ve determined that there are no regulations against converting your carport, it’s time to check with a professional company to evaluate the carport structure. A contractor can come to your home and evaluate the possibility to convert carport to garage Arizona. The contractor will evaluate your current structure to see if the roof and vertical supports can be used for the garage. If the current support structure can be used, walls and doors will be added. The size of the concrete slab, existing height and roofline will also be considered in the evaluation.

Plan Electrical Service

In addition to talking with a contractor about the conversion, it’s important to talk with an electrician to plan for electrical service. All garages need some type of power and if you want to use the garage as a workshop, you’ll need more electrical circuits.

As you move forward with converting your carport to a garage, check with your local city about regulations, have a professional home design company evaluate your carport and have an electrician plan for electrical service.