Three Eco-Friendly Countertop Options for Your Remodel

General Article

As a homeowner, at some point you may consider making renovations in your home. Updating kitchens and bathrooms can have some of the best returns on your investment. Whether upgrading for resale or personal enjoyment, new countertops can significantly improve the look and value of your rooms. As more buyers consider environmentally-friendly upgrades, here are three eco-friendly countertop options to consider when remodeling.


Wood countertops are a very eco-friendly option as wood is sustainable. They are available in a variety of forms ranging from butcher block to joined planks to a single wide strip. Wood tends to lend a warm look to kitchens. Depending on the type, it is relatively inexpensive compared to other materials.  These counters must be thoroughly disinfected after use with certain foods, but unlike some other types, they do not promote the spread of bacteria. Reclaimed wood options are also available that in addition to being eco-friendly, provide an appealing, lived-in look as well.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is composed of quartz crystals bound together with resin. These extremely resilient countertops give an appearance that compares to natural stone without the environmental impact. Unlike natural stone such as granite or marble, quartz is not as susceptible to staining or heat damage. Consult an installer of quartz countertops Milwaukee to explore available options for your space.

Recycled Materials

There are also a number of countertops made of recycled components that are now available. With options composed of recycled paper, concrete, glass and/or metal, the options for eco-friendly kitchens and bathrooms are significantly increased. Many of these counter types have a durability that is comparable to stone and steel. They come in an assortment of thicknesses and colors and can be cut and customized for your space.

Upgrading your kitchen or bathrooms can be a great investment for your home. Reduce your environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials for your countertops. There are a wide variety of attractive and functional alternatives that are worth their weight in cost and sustainability.