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Signatures for Electronic Data

When sending data electronically to a recipient, an electronic signature can be used by the receiver to prove that the document is original and that it is sent by the person claiming to have sent it. Clients can get the electronic signatures from companies offering this service and can apply for the signature online from the service provider”s website and get it the same way by downloading it there. Clients do not have to install the signatures by themselves since the companies offering this service can do so remotely and users can get help in password recovery.

As long as the electronic signature is in accordance to the set standards, it plays the same role as a signature on a paper. The functioning of these electronic keys is implemented using digital signatures which are cryptographic mechanisms for facilitating the use of the electronic signature. An electronic is expected to link the document to the sender as well as to identify the sender to a recipient for it to be valid in most regions. The person sending the data uses a private key to create the electronic signature and as a standard in most jurisdictions, the control of this private key should be under the sender alone. In case the data accompanying the signature after the signature was created is modified or messed with, the signature must be able to identify despite this. The other requirement is that if the accompanying data has been modified or changed, then the signature is to be invalid.

Data that logically associates other electronic data to the signatory or is attached to the other data can be considered to be a simple electronic signature. Electronic signatures capable of linking and associating the data to the signatory and that enables the signatory to have control as well as able to detect alterations to the document after being sent are referred to as advanced electronic signatures. A qualified electronic signature is expected to be made from devices qualified to create signatures and also they should use certificates from certified and qualified providers for the electronic signatures.

The application of electronic signatures is vast including signing electronic transactions and contracts. Verifying using electronic signatures is time and money saving, it is also accepted internationally and also ensures privacy for the users. Clients should get the electronic signatures from companies with reputation of providing security measures to ensure that the privacy of the data shared is kept and respected.

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