The History of a Grill

General Article

Grilling has been in existence for some time. Gilling involves applying dry heat to foodstuff with the aim of making the food cook. The food is usually placed above the flame to avoid being burned. Therefore, an appliance that does the grilling is referred to as a grill. There are some grills in existence depending on the tradition of a people. However, despite the different shapes and sizes, a rack can either be charcoal powered or gas powered. The outcome of the two types of grills depends on the kind of good being prepared.

Ever since the pre-colonial era, the Arawak people located in South America roasted their meat on a wooden structure that they referred to as the ‘barbacoa.’ Therefore, for years, the term barbacoa was used to refer to the wooden structure that was used for roasting of the meat. Later in the years, term changed to barbecue. The techniques are used widely in the southeastern part of the United States. Initially, the grill was used for the preparation of hogs, but with time, there are some foods cooked on the grill. Among the latest is hot dogs and hamburgers.

The Definition of a Gas Grill

The gas grills often make use of butane or propane in their operation. After the gas burns, it passes heat to the next element either by heating the food directly of heating the grilling element which in turn radiates the required amount of heat to cook the foodstuff. They vary in sizes, starting from small grills to the industrial size grills, usually used in restaurants. A hybrid type of racks may operate with either the natural gas or petroleum fuel. However, the process involves changing the burners and the regulation valves as well. Most of the gas grill is designed using the cart grill design concept. The rack is attached to the frame that has wheels and can be pushed around from time to time. The cart holds in place the gas cylinder as well as the other compartments.

The Operation of a Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grills may either use charcoal or the briquettes to burn. Grilling lovers have always had a debate on the best type of grilling fuel, either the briquettes or the charcoal. However, different people have different opinions depending on their first time experience with either type of grills queens ny.

The Operation of an Infrared Grill

The infrared type of grill uses the gas fuel to ignite the heat a ceramic tile located on top of the heat. When the tile gates hot, it emits radiation which is used in cooking the intended type of food. Due to the movement of charged particles within the atoms is converted to electromagnet radiation within the infrared heat frequency range. The infrared grill temperatures can be adjusted quickly and can attain a higher range of temperature as compared to the gas or ordinary grills. The higher temperatures prepare food faster.