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Why You Should Consider Metal As a Building Solution

The metal building industry has dramatically changed and is now a front-runner in providing on-time, affordable, aesthetically pleasing projects for its customers. Owners and developers who may be uncertain about metal buildings will surely discover several benefits positively impacting both form and function, and of course, their bottom line.

Speedy Project Completion

A proactively managed custom metal building project can be completed much faster. When the design professionals, contractor and manufacturer collaborate effectively, the construction schedule can even be much shorter. In addition, metal buildings can be erected in even the least ideal weather conditions. Ready-made finishes make a one-step installation process that eliminates repetitive pass applications needed for conventionally applied finishes such as brick veneers or EIFS. In traditional construction, the weather makes a huge impact on project timelines as installers have to rely on ideal conditions before moving to the next step of the construction process.

Energy Efficiency

Considering that energy codes are always changing, becoming more rigorous with every release, it is a must that product improvements are made with considerations for energy efficiency. Insulated wall and roof panels are vital to the construction of metal buildings, with maximum R-values of R-42. These insulation values don’t just meet present energy efficiency code requirements; they also offer building owners unending savings with their minimized external HVAC equipment loads.

Manufacturers have come up with high R-value standing seam roof systems as a better option for applications in which IMPs are not suitable. Such systems make use of clips that allow single-skin standing seam roof panels to take in up to 12-inch blanket insulation (R-30) over the supporting roof members with minimal.

Firerated panels – similar foam IMPs, except they are made of mineral wool at the core – are another new offering in the industry. They can be used for exteriors or interiors as desired by the owner or required by codes.


The metal building industry has changed so much through the years and now offers a full range of options as to colors, embossing and finishes, which means owners can now customize the look of their building as they wish. There are also other options, like factory-formed corners and others that boost the building’s aesthetic appeal. With the range of options offered to construction pros, there is a lot of freedom in terms of creativity, all while ensuring the simplicity and efficiency of the process by maintaining just one supplier.

Indeed, the metal building industry has never thrived more in its history than today. With all the choices and freedom at hand, contractors can come up with solutions that will satisfy aesthetic and energy requirements while ensuring that costs are reasonably low and timelines are shorter without compromising quality of results.

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