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Ways to Improve WiFi Speeds for Better Movie Streaming

To start with, one of the frustrating things is waiting for the movie to buffer when you are streaming. What makes it annoying is that it happens when you are in the middle of something good. But one thing that you should know is that your internet speed causes this problem. This calls for knowledge on how you can boost your Wi-Fi speed. Read more now for the tips that will guide you in boosting your Wi-Fi speed.

To improve your Wi-Fi speed you will have to reset the router. It is essential to note that when your internet is always fast, and it suddenly slows down, it will mean that your router is in need of classic IT trick. Of which you will have to turn it off and on again to see how it works. You can start by holding the reset button and if does not work you unplug it for thirty seconds and plug it back in. If all these does not work you will have to reset and reinstall the router software.

Also, you should turn off the eco mode. One thing that you should know is that it is usually on by default and this may be limiting the router capabilities. One thing that I know is that everybody will want to save the planet, but it will also be annoying to see that spinning circle in the middle of the circle. For that matter, you should try turning off eco mode and see an improvement in speed.

Not only that but you should check for the interface. It is essential to note that around our homes we have very many frequencies bouncing around. Where you will have different devices sending out signals. One thing that you need to understand is that Wi-Fi works in a narrow frequency range of 2.4GHz. As a result, you may think that your server is slow, but other devices are interfering with the signal. For that matter, you will have to download Wi-Fi sniffer so that you can identify the most crowded channels around your home and set it to the one that is least crowded.

Apart from that, you should try a different spot. This is essential because at some point you may be taxing the limits of the router. Therefore, you should move the router to a central position or moving watching station closer to the router.

Besides, you should also buy a new router. You find that when you have made all this effort, and it does not seem to work, then you should buy a new router. This may mean that your router is not powerful enough to meet your streaming needs.