Hard-To-Find Professionals

Certain kinds of professionals are just really hard to find. The chance that you will get through your entire life without needing at least one of the following is tiny but the odds that you will find a decent, reliable one are astronomical.


First and perhaps most infamous on this list is contractors. Obviously there are many different kinds, so this covers all manner of sins, but whether you’re looking for home remodeling contractors St Louis MO or HVAC repair contractors in San Fransisco CA, the odds are you’ll have trouble finding one that is reliable, available and reasonably priced.


Finding a car mechanic is easy. Finding a good, knowledgable car mechanic who won’t overcharge you for parts, take too much time making the repairs or bungle the basic maintenance is a little harder. The trick is finding someone honest, who really loves their work, and those mechanics often can’t be easily found at the big chain mechanic shops.

Medical Professionals

Odds are you will have to work with more than one medical professional in your life. Perhaps you have a decent GP and maybe you’re lucky enough to have a good dentist too, but if you need an eye doctor, a specialist or a therapist as well, suddenly you start to realize that not all medical professionals are actually all that professional. It’s harder than you might think to find a good doctor, even if you are lucky enough to have one that’s covered by your insurance.

This is an extremely short and likely biased list. Certainly there are more industries where decent professionals are hard to find, but these are perhaps the most commonly encountered. If you do manage to find a decent contractor, an honest mechanic and a doctor who works for you, then know that you are the luckiest person alive.…