Styles of Home Décor to Help You Furnish Your Home

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Designing an interior look for your home is a big commitment to a specific style if you want to maintain a cohesive look. The first step is figuring out what type of furniture and décor you gravitate towards. Once you can put a name to your style, it will be easier to shop for the look you want.


A traditional style home is much like it sounds. If you picture the inside of a richly furnished home from days gone by, it’s probably decorated with traditional furniture featuring dark wood, luxurious fabrics and fancy details. If this style of home decor Lenexa KS appeals to you, you might accessorize with a beautiful chandelier, oil paintings in gilded frames and European influenced decorative accents.


If traditional style sounds fussy to you, you may be more drawn to modern furniture which came into popularity in the mid-20th century and never really went out of style. Modern furniture features clean lines, simple edging, lighter wood and a mixture of chrome and glass. This style of décor often sticks with the neutral palette and is accented with bright pops of bold colors.


If you find yourself attracted to elements of both traditional and modern styles, you may be happiest with transitional décor. This style takes pieces from both schools of design and mixes them harmoniously. For example, a transitional table might be made of dark wood but with glass inserts or a voluptuous velvet sofa might be paired with a sleek side table.


Eclectic interior design is not just a haphazard mishmash. Instead it consists of some “wow” or statement pieces against a neutral backdrop, so they really stand out. The special pieces can be boldly textured rugs and pillows, brightly colored chairs or a wall of ceramics collected from all around the world.

It’s entirely possible to mix two decorating styles, but if you’re unsure where to begin, start with one. Then, as the spirit moves you, add in pieces that make the room uniquely you.