Some New Self-Storage Construction Trends

General Article

Currently, new self-storage facilities are popping up everywhere. Due to this, various localities are sharing their concerns about self-storage development. Various states are fighting to reduce or limit the current development of these facilities. New self-storage facilities are under pressure than before to make their buildings attractive and community-enhancing enough to convince city and town authorities for zoning approval.

As the storage industry changes its pace of rapid growth to more moderate and sustainable expansion, new facilities face the serious scrutiny of town planning officials who are currently adding negative stigma on storage buildings. Here are some of the trends that new storage buildings use in their development.

Building Exteriors

Cities, towns and regional zoning authorities are increasingly requiring storage buildings to blend in with the surroundings. Most city authorities currently prefer facilities to look more of a storage building such as an apartment complex, office building or a strip mall. Self-storage facility owners are requested to design and make their buildings look like apartments and include features such as shutters, balconies and plant ledges. Most self-storage buildings are designed with contemporary styles to stand out from other structures.

Self-storage facility designers continue to use metal barns, more glass, bright colors, metal panels, and cutting-edge materials to show the architecture of the structure. The current metal panels are not like the old galvanized ones that were prevalent. Instead, these metals include a hard silicon-polyester finish that is impervious to damage. Also, it does not require any paint. The design of the facilities features multiple windows to make their unit doors more visible from the street. Most facilities are incorporating Eco-friendly fiberglass materials in their design and building process.

Niche Storage

Currently, the need for the specialty in storage facilities is on the rise, and most buildings are taking advantage of this trend by adding niche storage to their structures to meet customer demands. Boat and luxury RV storage structures are becoming popular in niche markets that are near desirable recreational areas and lakes which presents ample opportunities for the specialty stores. Most storage facilities in affluent urban centers provide luxury vehicles and wine storage services. Besides winning and luxury car services, they also offer valet and full-service storage services that make storing easier. The market for this service is growing, and new storage facilities are taking advantage by offering these services.

Customer Convenience and Building Codes

Another storage facility trend that is on the rise is the drive-through or drive-in self-storage building in which consumers drive their luxury cars into the building through large commercial doors and enjoy the sheltered loading and offloading. Also, new facility building codes are affecting self-storage simplicity and structure design, particularly concerning consumer accessibility. There must be handicap-accessible units within the mix of the spaces on your site. Your units can be either on the ground floor or the upper level as long as your customers can easily access it. What you need to know is that you not be in the position to use your overhead door on the handicap units unless they are motorized.