Serving up Server-Room Construction Tips for Your Growing Business

General Article

As your small business grows, you will likely need to expand your technology solutions. If your network and computer needs increase, you may need to consider adding a server room to your building to accommodate the technological expansion. Because your servers will be the backbone of your network, you must build the server room right at the outset; these tips will guide you.

Locate Your Servers Near Power Sources

Whether you will retrofit an existing room or build a new space, you will need to look for ways to reduce your construction costs. Building where you can easily tap into existing power channels will help keep costs in line. In any case, you should plan for future power needs; consulting with a commercial electrician Van Buren AR will provide a blueprint for proceeding.

Increase Networking Capabilities

As you install electrical connections, make room for conduits to hold ethernet cables. Again, plan for future needs. Before you know it, your server room can come to look like a giant spaghetti factory machine.

Plan for Storage

Your servers need to be secured and protected. You can start by installing substantial shelving to hold the heavy servers; however, if you choose glass-fronted cabinets with racks, your choice will do more than just secure the equipment. Cabinets also provide an extra layer of protection against theft. Additionally, they keep dust from collecting on the machines, a condition that will increase their reliability. As an added benefit, the glass also allows you to monitor operating lights without having to open the cabinets.

Install Air Conditioning

Servers generate high levels of heat. To further increase their reliability and keep them operating efficiently, they need to be cooled. Air conditioning the server room is a must. Take this into account when planning for power upgrades.

Investing in server-room construction should be considered for any growing business that relies on technology to function. Because server-breakdowns will negatively impact your business, planning carefully for this space should be at the top of your expansion plans.