Preventing Problems Your Home May Encounter When You Live in the Country


If you live out in the country and away from city life, you may often encounter problems with your property and home that city dwellers would never think about when buying a home outside of town. Since most people don’t have the time for long sit-down conversations with potential neighbors anymore, here are a few of the different problems those neighbors would share with you as normal parts of country life.

Irrigation Flooding

Many country properties are sold with irrigation rights, or the right to flood the property with water from the nearby canal. The water drains onto the property and soaks deep into the grass, garden, or pasture land as needed. However, when someone raises a gate and forgets to close it, basements and crawlspaces can fill with unwanted water. Make sure that never happens to you by setting an alarm as a reminder.

Overflowing Septic

Water levels can fluctuate in the country as irrigation, rains, and thawing snow adds liquid to the ever-changing water table levels. When there is too much fluid in the ground, your septic tank may have trouble draining. To prevent possible backup or other problems, call in a septic tank maintenance Cortlandt Manor NY company to check for problems at the first sign of any issues.

Invading Critters

Mice are everywhere in the country. In the fields, under the Quonsets, and hidden in barns. However, mice are not the only critter you may encounter while living in the country. There are also raccoons, coyotes, skunks, and possums. To protect yourself from an invasion of mice, adopt cats. To scare the other critters away, think about letting a dog or two roam around your fenced property at night.

Country living isn’t for everyone, but if you love knowing your neighbors, sharing garden produce, and the smell of nature, it may be for you! If you do move into the country, remember to look for the three problems associated with country life that are listed above. It can save you time and money to be aware of potential problems.