Man Cave Fundamentals

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Your man cave may be the only area of the house where you can show off your interests and sit in furniture chosen for comfort, not looks. Man caves are generally used for eating, drinking and playing games, so keep your favorite activities in mind when designing your perfect man cave. Take this rare opportunity to go big, or you might as well hang out in the living room.


Whether you plan on indulging in beer, wine or coffee, every man cave needs a designated space for some tasty beverages. If you and your friends miss hanging out at the bar, then you should install one in your man cave. Make sure you have comfy wooden bar chairs Spearfish SD to sink back and relax with a cold one. If you aren’t a big drinker, then maybe build a coffee bar. Rustic shelves with wrought iron details give a masculine element while also offering storage for those inappropriate mugs your wife won’t let you keep in the kitchen. Wine lovers may prefer deep leather chairs and side tables, the perfect size to enjoy a cigar.


You need at least one large television. If you are a sports fan, then you may need a wall of televisions! Even if you are not a big TV watcher, many types of entertainment can be shared on a TV. Maybe you want to show a funny video or memorable moment from your phone. Most cell phones now have the capability to cast onto a television set. Some network providers also have music stations that can be played while you and your friends are catching up.


Men don’t usually just sit around and gossip for hours on end. All good man caves need an activity. A dartboard and pool table are pretty standard. Don’t be afraid to try something different like virtual golf or slot machines. Man caves can include anything from bowling alleys to hot tubs, just chose something that will keep your interest. You don’t want that expensive pool table to turn into an overpriced coffee table.