Learn What to Expect from Your Movers

General Article

Moving from one home to another is never easy. In fact, many people find the entire process of home moving to be too overwhelming and challenging to handle on their own. The process of packing all the household items, lifting heavy objects and the actual transportation is hectic. But you can decide to make moving easy by using the services of a reputable moving professionals.

But before you begin searching for a local mover, you need to know what to expect from moving companies concerning cost and services. You cannot trust strangers with your valuable possessions nor can you afford to open your wallet to pay individuals offering poor services. Below are services you can expect from professional movers.

Inspecting Household Items

When you seek the services of a moving professionals, the first thing you expect is for the company to provide an accurate cost estimate after inspecting your home. During the inspection, your moving company professionals will evaluate the household items that you intend to move and then determine whether there will be any difficulties or risks in moving them. Remember that physical examination is the only way moving professionals can estimate your moving costs with some accuracy. To be on the safe side, avoid companies that offer estimates by phone.


You can save a lot of money by choosing to pack your household items by yourself and then hire moving services only to transport the already packed items to the new home. But remember that you may not be able to protect your valuables from damage for various reasons. For instance, you may lack sufficient time to pack all the items in the right place. Some household items require special packing-which you may not know how to provide.

Disassembling and Reassembling of Furniture and Other Items

When was the last time you disassembled and assembled the home furniture on your own? Moving professionals have a wealth of experience in assembling, disassembling and moving all sorts of home furniture from small furniture such as chairs to the heavy and huge furniture such as dressers, beds, cabinets, desks, and so on.


Obviously, you expect that professional movers will safely move all your household items to your new address. All your valuables will be loaded into a truck, secured and then moved to your new home. The movers will then offload and move all the items into your new residence. If you are moving locally, then you can expect your items to reach the new house in a day.

Storage Services

Moving companies also offer storage services. In case you have extra items, or your new house isn’t ready to receive the items being moved, then you can request for a storage service. The cost of storage services depends on the duration your items sit in the storage facility.

Dedicated Moving Services

Some moving companies offer specialized moving services while others don’t. These services are for items that cannot be readily moved alongside the typical household items. Examples include piano or even antique furniture, which is too risky to disassemble or move down the stairs.