How To Know You Need a Retaining Wall

General Article

Retaining walls are common structures that you may have noticed throughout your neighborhood. They’re usually built to stop runoff and land from breaking apart and damaging your property. Here are several ways to know if you should have a retaining wall.

You Live at the Bottom of a Hill

When a home is situated at the bottom of a steep hill, it’s only a matter of time before rainfall causes it to crumble. The purpose of residential retaining walls Memphis TN is to prevent erosion and damage from water or a mudslide. This will protect your landscaping as well as your home.

You Want More Space in Your Yard

If your backyard has a hill that you’d like to transform into usable space, you’ll need a retaining wall. These walls are made of wood, concrete or stone. Stone is one of the strongest, as well as the most visually pleasing. A wall creates a flat space to terrace and plant flower and herb gardens.

You Need To Divert Water

If you live near a stream or river, a retaining wall will slow down and divert water when it rises. Uncontrolled water that pools up in your yard causes lawn to rot and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. A wall can save your yard and foundation from expensive damage.

Your Foundation Is at Risk

When you live near a hill, erosion shows from years of rain. The problem is, you can’t see what’s going on under the surface. Erosion creates pockets of space underground near your foundation and causes cracks. If you notice washed-away soil around your foundation, you need a retaining wall.

If your home is near a steep hill, you should consider a retaining wall. A wall adds usable space to your yard and protects your lawn and foundation from erosion.