Effective Ways to Overcome Pests

General Article

These days with global warming in the news, one aspect that is rarely mentioned is the increase of pests such as insects and small mammals in our homes and streets. Along with climate change comes warmer weather and associated higher humidity, which is contributing to an increase in pests. This is particularly exacerbated in the Staten Island Area, where rising sea levels are creating wetter conditions because of higher storm tides. Fortunately, an insect inspection Staten Island will go a long way to evaluating if you have a problem and what to do about it.

Bugs and Critters in New York City and Environs

A wide variety of troublesome bugs, insects, and small mammals can infest your dwelling place in Staten Island. Included among these unwelcomed creatures are:

  • Biting Bugs: These tiny troublemakers, including deer and dog tocks, bed buds and cat fleas feed off the blood of animals and can be a real nuisance. Moreover, ticks can be a major health problem because they can carry Lyme disease.
  • Ants: Look out for Citronella, little black, sugar, and fire ants.
  • Roaches: These disease bearers have been in existence since Devonian times.
  • Wasps and Hornets: Yellowjackets, white-faced hornets, paper wasps, and mud-daubers can inflict nasty stings.
  • Rodents: Rats, squirrels, and mice can be difficult to get rid of.
  • Other Mammals: You may even have trouble with woodchucks, bats, raccoons, and skunks.

Ways To Rid Yourself of These Pests

In order to rid your home and property of these pests, it first necessary to know what you have. In some cases, like a paper wasp hive, it clearly obvious. In many other cases, the infestation may be hard to detect. Be sure to call an expert pest control firm and have a bug-and-critter assessment made at your home. You’ll be glad you did.