Confused choose AC or “air cooler”, see this method

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The condition of the increasingly hot air lately increasingly makes sales of air conditioners increase. Fans, air conditioners or air coolers are the choice of most people. Unfortunately, not many people know the difference between the two.

If the fan doesn’t feel too cold, then the air conditioner and air cooler are other alternatives.

In addition, the fan can also scatter dust everywhere and provide opportunities for homeowners affected by dangerous diseases such as wet lung. At first glance the air conditioner and the air cooler look similar, which is equally presenting the same cold air. But if you pay attention to more details, then you will find many differences.

Apart from the different forms and the notion that AC is more expensive and mostly used by wealthy people, these two things have other differences. AC looks better and practical. The AC system will work automatically, meaning that this object can regulate the temperature of the room in accordance with the appropriate temperature.

The owner can control the temperature to a minimum of 16 degrees just by pressing the remote. Meanwhile the air cooler requires users to do ‘more’ business. The owner must provide water and put it in a water cooler, so that the object can produce a cool room temperature. When compared to the AC, the temperature produced by the water cooler is slightly lower.

AC is more expensive than air cooler. Even the use of AC uses 10-15 percent more electricity than the air cooler. The average water cooler only uses 60-100 watts, while the minimum AC is 350-800 watts. It’s just that the owner does not need to pay a lot of money for maintenance of the water cooler because it can be cleaned by yourself. Meanwhile, when using AC, the owner must routinely clean it at a cost that is not cheap. Besides the water cooler is more precisely placed in a house with little room, or only placed in one room. This is because the air cooler cannot provide cold air that is too large compared to the air conditioner.

Air cooler is more functioning to make air circulation better in the room. But if you want to use in the long run, you are better off using an air conditioner rather than an air cooler.

If at home you need a more practical solution, a solar cooler can be the right choice.

The cool atmosphere will make you relax and calm, so that you will feel comfortable anywhere. For that, consider the best air cooler recommendations that give maximum coolness below!

1. Vankool VAB11-EQ Air Cooler

Equipped with 4 Sharp cooling bags, it can cool the same as the air conditioner if you fill 4 bags with ice or cold water.

Besides that, with the swing mode, you don’t need to worry that this air conditioner only goes in one direction.

This Vankool cooler product will cool your room to the maximum. Other facilities provided, namely the remote control so that you are easy to operate this one electronic device.

2. Vankool VAB09-EQ Air Cooler

With different series such as Vankool VAB09-EQ, in addition to being equipped with ice boost technology to cool faster and cooler than most other air coolers.

Another reason why Vankool’s water cooler is different and unique is its function as a humidifier as a regulator of air humidity and air purifier to clear air

3. Vankool VAB06-EQ Air Cooler

With a long enough warranty that is 2 years Honeywell air cooler, one of the highest quality premium air conditioners in Indonesia. The quality can not be underestimated because it is durable and long lasting.

Vankool air conditioner also has a minimalist design that is suitable and pleasing to the eye to be placed in your room.

4. Vankool VAB05-EQ Air Cooler

By utilizing water and ice so that the mixture of water and ice causes the air exhaled by Vankool VAB05-EQ to be cooler than ordinary fans.

The device made by Vankool is also very environmentally friendly because it only requires 100 Watts for electrical power. You will not worry that your electricity arrears will increase if you have an economical water cooler.

5. Vankool VD30-IQ Air Cooler

Portable air conditioner with a fairly sleek design and mini air cooler also has 2 interesting capabilities, namely as an ionizer and humidifier. With Wide Swing Angle, this tool provides a wider range of cold air.

There is also a Water Diagnose feature that can shut down the pump automatically when the water in the tank is reduced. All Sanken portable coolers are also equipped with a remote control.

That’s the best portable AC recommendation line you can count on to cool the room instantly and easily move anywhere. Come on, find quality air cooler water at affordable prices only at Vankool