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Homeowners spend a significant amount of money on sprays, candles, powders, disinfectants, and decorative solids to keep the home smelling pleasant and fresh. Most of these products will mask or overpower unpleasant odors, making the solution a temporary one. There are many natural and inexpensive ways to keep offensive odors to a minimum. Try some before introducing chemicals, artificial scents, and sprays that leave residue in the home.


Do not underestimate the power of fresh air. Whenever possible open kitchen windows when cooking or utilize the hood fan to keep air moving and odors heading right out the window. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight because that bad odor will smell worse in the morning when it is stale. It will linger longer as well because it will seem to take up all the air in the kitchen.

Any room will smell fresh and clean with the windows open. Cross ventilation is ideal, so opening windows at opposite ends of the house will work well. The only exception is when the offensive odor is coming from outside. Pollution, road work, or a neighbor burning yard debris will quickly invade the home with windows wide open.

An Organized Cleaning Schedule

People lead hectic lives these days and cleaning is one chore that often gets put off until the weekend or even until next week. While this is understandable, it will contribute to foul odors. The smell of laundry piling up, for example, is unmistakable. That damp and musty odor will soon creep from the bathroom or laundry room and permeate the entire floor.

Vacuuming the stairs more often will prevent particles from accumulating and attracting dust mites. Cleaning the shower will prevent mold from colonizing in the corners. Getting a litter box that automatically scoops the waste will also make a huge difference when it comes to terrible odors in the home.

Aromatherapy Diffusers

Operating a cold air aromatherapy diffusing system in the home will also eliminate odors before they become offensive. Scents are vast in number and sizes are available to accommodate any space. Homeowners and apartment dwellers can click here for details.