Classic and Classy Choices for Your Home Remodel

General Article

With the new year approaching, you may thinking about ways to make your home feel new too. The best remodels express your personality and make your home more pleasing to you, yet are also timeless, beautiful and functional.


Hardwood flooring is warm, durable and beautiful. While some variations can become dated, such as parquet, wide-plank boards such as the monarch plank storia ii will always be in style. For the most versatility, don’t choose super glossy finishes or wild color extremes. Be sure to get a coating that will protect the wood from the sun’s ultraviolet rays or you may notice color fade over time. The floor is literally and visually the foundation for the rest of the room so take your time and choose something you will love for years to come.


Lightly textured, painted drywall is the most common choice for walls. The most attractive spaces tend to have walls that are lighter than the floor but darker than the ceiling. Neutral colors such as sand or light gray are timeless and adaptable to any decorating style from traditional to contemporary. Accent walls may have darker paint, wallpaper, paneling or textured treatments; but limit that to one wall per room and only a few rooms in the house. Remember the accent wall is the one that frames the room’s focal point so coordinate the wall treatment accordingly.


There are three main types of home lighting: ambient, task and accent. Layer all three to make each space look its best. Ambient light is the main source that allows people to see the room’s features, furniture and layout. It sets the mood—brighter light energizes a room while lower light evokes coziness. As the name indicates, task lighting is intended to illuminate spaces in which specific tasks are done; common placement includes reading nooks and kitchen counters. Accent lighting helps draw attention to interesting architectural features or décor and can be decorative in its own right. Examples include wall sconces or a directional fixture aimed at a favorite painting.