Benefits of Investing in Landscaping

General Article

Have you purchased a new home or does your existing home needs a landscaping upgrade? Landscaping can be a major time-consuming investment, but its benefits can be significant if the landscaping is done properly.


A variety of plants and effective landscape lighting Boca Raton can improve the beauty of your home. Well-placed evergreen shrubs can soften harsh angles and lines on your home, while properly layered flower and plant beds with loose, curved borders can draw the eye and increase curb appeal.


Well-planned landscapes are functional, providing paths to various features and patios and decks for outdoor living. Whether you want a putting green or a secret garden sanctuary, your landscaping can be customized to your needs.

Property Value

Not only does attractive landscaping make your home more attractive, which may make it sell faster if you are looking at moving, ,but it also increases your home’s value. In fact, it may increase the value of your home by up to 20%, which is significant if you are selling or refinancing your home. If your landscape is designed well and maintained, it will more than pay for itself.

Cost Savings

Landscaping is a tool that can save you money on your utility bills. For example, planting deciduous trees in front of windows that get the most sun can shade your home in the summer, reducing your air conditioning needs, and allow sun to penetrate your home in the winter, reducing your heating needs. Evergreen trees can also protect your home from damage caused by wind.


One tree removes up to 26 pounds of carbon dioxide, or the car emissions from a 11,000-mile drive, from the air each year. Plants, especially those with long roots, also prevent erosion.

Consider working with a local landscaper to create your dream backyard.