Benefits of a Properly Oxygenated Pond


A commercial or residential pond needs regular maintenance in order to protect the wildlife living in and around the body of water while providing a pleasant and peaceful viewing experience. The greatest threat to the health of such ponds, and the creatures living in it, is lack of oxygen. As such, it is necessary to invest in pond aerators and fountains in order to ensure the longevity of your mini-ecosystem.


Aerator pumps are an environmentally-friendly way to ensure proper oxygen levels are maintained at all times. Ponds in the wild naturally absorb oxygen from the atmosphere in order to maintain its own ecosystem. However, ponds naturally lose oxygen during warmer months in the year and, at times, can lead to the suffocation of the fish and other marine life. Aerators ensure water is continuously circulating. They will churn the water at the bottom of the pond, where there is less oxygen, and move it to the surface to absorb air naturally. This helps prevent sudden drops in oxygen and ensures wildlife continues to thrive.


In addition to providing a visually-appealing feature to your pond, fountains serve an important function in maintaining the look and cleanliness of the surface of your pond. While mostly ineffective in aerating the pond, fountains decrease stagnation by keeping the surface of the pond moving. Stagnation can cause unpleasant odors, and a still surface can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. These factors make it difficult for human use since swimming and fishing could be hindered or altogether impossible.

Ponds and lakes are a wonderful and visually-appealing addition to any residential area, commercial business park, recreational parks, and even city centers. Like anything else, it is imperative to ensure proper maintenance to keep both human beings and wildlife safe from dangerous insects and bacteria while maintaining healthy oxygen levels.