3 Ways To Give Your Home an Update

You’ve probably spent more time in your home this year than ever before. Even if you love your home, the more time you spend in it, the more you probably feel it needs an upgrade. Here are some suggestions to make your home feel like new without major renovations.

1. Make Your Bedroom a Haven

Unlike living rooms and kitchens, bedrooms aren’t usually seen by people who don’t live in the house. As a result, bedrooms can sometimes be a room that is overlooked when it comes to design. This is the time to really make your bedroom a peaceful place to lay your head down at night. Buy some new bedroom furniture San Antonio TX. Soft lighting and comfortable floor coverings will complete the room.

2. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting is an inexpensive way to freshen up your home. Walls go through a lot and if you look closely, you may see scratches and fingerprints that you didn’t see before. Paint also fades over time. Choose new paint colors that reflect what your home means to you. You can also look at videos online and learn some fun decorative painting techniques to give your walls more personality.

3. Put in New Landscaping

You may think that the outside of your home doesn’t matter as much as the inside, but if you spend any time outside, you might want to think about putting in new landscaping. It doesn’t need to be extreme but sometimes replacing some tired looking plants with new ones can give your garden a whole new look.

Updating your home doesn’t mean that you need to strip everything back to the studs and rebuild. It also doesn’t need to be expensive. Sometimes all you need to do is freshen your space up with a few new things and you’ll feel like it’s a new home.…

3 Great Value-Adding Residential Landscape Design Tips

Wondering how you can get top dollar for your home when you go to sell it? Whether you’re gearing up to sell now or just planning for the future, you might be surprised to know that increasing your home’s curb appeal with great landscaping is a great way to make your home more marketable. Here are three landscape design tips that add value to the home.

1. Create a Cohesive Design

Just like on the interior of a house, cohesion is important when it comes to the exterior. Many real estate experts stress that following a theme in your landscape design makes a house much more appealing to potential buyers. You could create a Zen water garden, a formal garden or even a container garden if your yard space is limited. Consult your local experts in residential landscape design Memphis TN to help you select and execute the perfect theme for your yard.

2. Trim the Trees

Trees are an attractive feature in any landscape, but only if they’re in healthy condition. Trim your trees so that they retain an attractive shape. Also, be sure to get rid of any branches that are hanging over your roof. When you go to sell, buyers see this as a potential future worry so it’s best to get rid of extra branches that could become a hazard.

3. Plant Living Borders

You can frame your property with texture and color by planting floral borders along your property lines. Create new flowerbeds and fill them with plants of varying heights, with tall shrubs at the center and colorful annuals and bulbs on the edges. Spread a fresh layer of mulch to provide a finished look.

Extra selling features make a difference on your bottom line when you go to sell your home. Complete these aesthetic and functional landscaping improvements to wow potential buyers before they even come through your front door.…

3 Effective Curb Appeal Updates for Small Businesses

Looking to improve the experience customers receive when they shop at your small business? You might be surprised to know that curb appeal, or how your business looks from the outside, has a big impact on the feelings of your clients. Here are three effective ways to boost the curb appeal of your commercial space.

1. Improve the Parking Lot

You may think that curb appeal is only affected by your actual business building – you also need to take into account the condition of your parking areas. Your parking lot is typically the first spot of physical contact that your clients have with your business, which means it needs to be in excellent aesthetic and functional condition. Your local experts in sealcoating Frederick MD replace damaged parking areas with new pavement, giving your customers a safe and tidy place to park as they shop.

2. Install New Lighting

A dark parking lot or walkways around a building isn’t welcoming for customers, which is why it’s always smart to install new exterior lighting. Install new fixtures in all areas where your guests could be walking – it makes clients feel safer as they move about your business property. Whenever possible, choose fixtures that run on LED bulbs since they’re brighter and longer lasting when compared to traditional fluorescent options.

3. Add Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal decorations have a special way of lifting the mood of your clients, as well as your employees if you have them. It’s a good idea to invest in seasonal decorations, but you don’t have to get too elaborate – usually some extra lighting or a simple window display do the trick. Be conscientious about removing the decorations on time, though, as decorations left up too long can make a business look disorganized or overwhelmed.

It’s all about first impressions in business. Make sure that your business is conveying the right message to new and existing customers by completing these simple commercial curb appeal projects.…

Why You Should Hire Contractors for Your Home Remodel

One of the major perks of being a homeowner is having the leeway to make the improvements you want. Leasing an apartment or other residence usually comes with restrictions such as returning the unit to its original condition. In your house, you can customize your home with a major remodel. Upgrade your kitchen or turn that extra bedroom into an office with the assistance of professionals. Here are some things to think about.

Putting Plan to Paper

You probably have several ideas of what you’d like to see in your house, but you may not be able to make those ideas a reality on your own. General contractors have the experience and knowledge to help you realize the home of your dreams. Sometimes it’s hard to visualize what your spaces can look like. A provider of general construction Houston TX can take the guesswork out of your plans and assist you with exploring options no matter the scale of your remodel.

Getting the Job Done Right

Although some home improvement elements make for great DIY projects, you should really reconsider leaving the work to the pros. They understand how to sequence the work in a way that is logical and orderly. Moreover, some work items such as electrical rewiring, plumbing and HVAC modifications are best left in the hands of trained professionals. The right pro will also know in advance local permitting requirements regarding the work to be done.

Avoiding Costly Rework

You may be quite the hands-on person, but it’s best to be realistic about what you’re able to do. If your work is shoddy, the final results may not be up to your expectations. Mistakes and errors may require expensive repairs that a professional will have to address. Worst case scenario, you might lower the value of your house.

Major renovations can add so much when it comes to making a house feel like a home. These remodels can also add significant value to your property. Choose experienced, credentialed pros to help you make your dreams a reality.…

Common Septic Tank Problems and How to Deal With Them

Being a homeowner comes with tons of new responsibilities. The various systems under your roof will all have to be repaired and maintained at one time or another. The various components of our plumbing system are used on a daily basis. The septic tank is perhaps the most important plumbing component you have in place.

There will come a time when your septic tank will fail and you will have to get it repaired. When this time comes, working with an experienced plumber is a fantastic option. Below are some common septic tank problems and what you can do when faced with them.

Dealing With Clogs and Backups

One of the most common problems you will have with your septic system is drain clogs and backups. Most homeowners get so used to their drains working flawlessly that they take them for granted. When faced with a clog or drain backup, you need to work on figuring out the root cause immediately. If your septic tank is filled with waste, you will be unable to clear your drains until this issue is addressed.

If you are unsure about the condition of your septic tank, then calling in professionals is a great idea. A company that specializes in septic system repair Mineral Wells will be able to inspect and diagnose the problems your plumbing system has. Trying to do this work on your own is a recipe for disaster. This is why entrusting this work to an experienced plumber is vital.

Puddles On Your Lawn

Are you starting to notice large puddles of water on your lawn? If so, this could be caused by a broken septic pipe. The only way to find and fix this common problem is with the help of plumbing professionals.

With the help of a plumber, you can get your septic system back up and going quickly.…

4 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal for a Quick Sale

Curb appeal is the impression a home gives off to people seeing it from the outside. When you are selling a home, it can play an outside role in whether or not potential buyers make an offer. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to boost a house’s curb appeal without breaking the bank. These four upgrades can all be done relatively quickly, yet they are incredibly effective at making a house more attractive from the street.

1. Give Your Door a Makeover

A front door that is clean, neat and freshly painted makes a strong statement and definitely adds to a home’s curb appeal. You should always choose a color that complements the exterior to keep the style consistent.

2. Update the Landscaping

Carefully planned landscaping is one of the best investments you can make in a first yard. A few well-placed trees and landscape edging can make a huge difference in how visitors view your home. Add in attractive and functional landscape lighting New Milford NJ and you are sure to get some positive attention.

3. Add Decorative Features

You can dress up a home with a few carefully placed touches, and they don’t have to be major investments, either. With careful planning, you can even integrate features that can move with you to your next home. Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your creativity:

  • Window boxes or other colorful planters
  • Sculptures or a piece of artwork
  • A small bistro set or rocking chair
  • A new mailbox that matches the home’s style

4. Replace the Gutters

Old, worn and banged up gutters detract from a house’s appearance. After all, gutters may serve a vital role in keeping water away from the foundation, but they can also be decorative. Swapping them out can provide a much-needed refresh to the home’s look at a fraction of the cost of a new roof or siding.

Updates like new gutters and decorative touches can significantly boost a home’s curb appeal. Add in a few well-placed lights and a freshly painted door and you will be all ready to meet with listing agents.…

Old Home, New Repairs

George Carlin called our houses a “place for our stuff.” Our homes are more than that, though. They reflect our personalities, provide us with a place to rest and recharge and offer us a space to truly call our own. Some people want a newer home with all the bells and whistles. Others value the history, uniqueness and beauty found in older homes. For owners of older homes, there are some unique challenges to face.

The Wall

We’re not talking Pink Floyd, we’re talking the vertical enclosures in your older home. Do you know what they’re made of? Some really old homes have plaster walls with horsehair in them for a binding material. Knowing what your walls’ construction material is will help you narrow down the type of repair professional you may need to hire at some point. You may have to knock holes in the wall to replace the electric lines, the plumbing material or run duct work for heating and air conditioning. Also, most older homes don’t have insulation of any kind. Those homeowners may want to look into spray foam solutions to solve the problem of heat seepage in the winter and helping to keep the home cool in the summer. That will put holes in your walls, too.

The Floor

Don’t count on being lucky enough to pull up some ugly 70’s shag carpeting and finding pristine hardwood floors underneath. That said, if you do find hardwood floors, you’ll need to know what wood was used to make them. Pine floors need different care than oak floors. Barn boards are different than plank flooring. Pulling up that carpeting is a crap-shoot, even if it needs to be done. In addition to hardwood, you could find tile in a variety of materials or you could even find sub-floor with holes covered by old license plates.

Older homes have charm and cosmetic appeal, but challenges, too.