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Places to Visit When You Are in Kansas City

There is the need to ensure that you make Kansas City your next preferred destination visit during your coming holiday. You need to know that your stay in this City will be amazing as there a lot of activities that you can engage in as well as places to visit. Kansas City is known for various reasons, but the most common is the steaks and barbecue. All; that one has to do is to ensure that they identify the best tour firm to help them enjoy their visit. When you decide to visit this destination, the following are some of the areas you need to ensure that you get to visit.

The first place that you need to visit is the World War 1 museum. What you need to know is that the museum is found in the liberty memorial. It is important to know that the monument was built to honor the men and women who were involved in the first world war. There is the need to know that when you are in the monuments, you will have a chance to see some of the artifacts, letters and other crucial items that were used in the war and are being collected since the 1920’s. You will get to see some of the exhibits on the stories of those who played a part in the war. There is also the Renault FT-17 tank that was damaged by a German Shell.

There is the need to ask your tour guide to take you to Union Station. The building came to existence in the year 1914 and had used to hold thousands of passengers. The station is large such that its waiting bay can accommodate around 10,000 passengers as they wait to board a train. It is important to know that in 1980’s the Union station was closed for renovations reasons but opened back in 1999 with more services such as restaurant and many more. There is the need to ensure that you visit the Union Station when you are in Kansas City, Mo.

There is the need also to see that you get to visit the Gateway Arch. The gateway arch is one of the iconic structures that define the gateway to the west. It is essential to know that you can get a chance to use an elevator to have a better view of the arch. One can see the structure that is found in the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park from various highways in the city. The other option that you can use to enjoy having a view of this iconic structure is using a riverboat cruise or a helicopter tour.

There are some activities and various places that one can visit when in Kansas City. A good tour firm will ensure that you get a good tour package that will enable you to visit major tourist sites in Kansa city.

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