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The Simple Facts Of Court Reporting And How It Works

You need to understand that court reporting involves a specific equipment that you need to have to make the job work. You need to know that the equipment is going to transcribe the spoken word into verbatim written record but it does not happen if the user is not skilled enough to do it. A lot of people who have gotten the chance to see a steno machine have all reacted the same way; they were mystified with how this twenty-two buttoned machine worked. With only twenty-two buttons and the alphabet having twenty-six letters; how could someone use this type of machine? The steno machine in its own way is definitely peculiar especially when being used for court reporting. Court reporters are able to transcribe words into text without a problem; you can see the fastest typist and would still be unimpressed if you already saw a court reporter type in those texts. Real time transcriptions are now possible thanks to the modern court equipment of today. You have to understand that court reporting has evolved and it will continue to change as the world goes round and round.

Court reporting could have never reached this height without the steno machine. Court reporters using the steno machine is such a sight to see; they are transcribing words into a type of shorthand and its insane. The steno machine has fewer keys than the regular keyboard plus the number of keys does not match the number of letters in the alphabet which makes it even more confusing to use. Court reporting is not about typing in the number of words being spoken but the number of syllables which is even harder to imagine. The beginning sound of each syllable is laid out on the left part of the steno machine. The middle keys will be representing the middle sound of a syllable and the right part is the ending sound of a syllable.

The steno machine is very hard to use when you don’t have the right amount of training; it is not your average keyboard because it requires training, skill and expertise before you can use to for court reporting.

You also have to know stenography to be able to read and understand the output a steno machine will provide. The print out will have to be translated into text by the court reporter or another party. If you want to know about the steno machine and how it actually works then digging deeper into stenography is going to be an important thing to do.

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