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Procedures of How to Eliminate a Virus from the Computer System Without an Antivirus

You need to ensure that your computer is safe from the possible threats such as the virus this is because there is a rapid increase in thus threats. There is expensive antivirus that you can buy to remove the virus on your computer, this can be more expensive since the antivirus software you need to update them more frequently. There are viruses that you can handle them and remove them without the need of you buying the antivirus software; this is because that you can remove the virus without antivirus.

It is important to run scan to whether your computer has a virus, this is important since it will the computer from crashing . You cannot be able to remove a virus that you are not aware of hence you need to know the type of the virus the computer has hence you can be able to delete. It is not necessary to have an antivirus software for you to delete virus from your system, it is possible to remove a virus without an antivirus. There are essential steps on how to remove a virus from your computer system without antivirus.

The first step is the system configuration. You need to identify any unfamiliar programs or are from unknown sources thus you have to access your computer configuration system for the search. You need to eliminate the unfamiliar programs and then you restart your computer system.

There next step is CTRL+ALT+DEL. You need to use the keys CTRL+ALT+DEL when your computer system is starting up to launch a new window; you need to check on the programs that are currently running.

There is the procedure of deleting the virus from the hard drive. You need to check on the temp file since most of the virus hide here, you need to delete any file that is unfamiliar to you or corresponds with the online reports.

There is the step of removing registry keys. When the regedit program will appear, you need to delete the registry key that you need a research on to be of virus hence this will help to remove all the possible threats.

You need to protect your system from the hackers who could access your system when you are offline hence change your passwords since the virus could have recorded them. The process is tedious and at times can fail hence you can hire the IT support experts for repair and remove the threats for you thus preventing your laptop from crashing .