3 Ways You Can Check Your Home for Seasonal Damage

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During months of extreme heat and cold, it is easy for damage to occur. Cold weather can cause cracks to form, and heat can damage certain textures, such as plastic and wood over the years. You can lose money on heat or cold escaping from your home, causing your electric bill to increase. Here are some tips that can help you examine your home for seasonal damage.

1. See How Your Windows Are Doing

Windows are a common area for cracks to develop, allowing air to escape through. If you open and close your windows often, this does not help the longevity of your windows. Check for cracks and look at the glass. Caulking can help with cracks, but you might benefit from replacing the windows after a certain period. Take a look at your windows once every season, and act quickly if you notice a problem so it doesn’t develop into a bigger one.

2. Check The Roof for Problems

Your roof can be a source of problems too, especially since you cannot easily see any issues that are going on. You might have missing shingles, a leak, or something else occurring that you aren’t aware of. If you suspect major problems, it is good to get a professional to come to take a look at it, such as ones that deal with residential roofing St Louis.

3. Watch out for Cracks in Your Doors

Your doors are another place to look at, since you use them multiple times a day, and cracks are more likely to happen. Doors can even come out of the frame slightly depending on the weather local to you. You can use a mallet to push them back in, but if it is a consistent problem, call a professional.

Make sure you check your doors, windows, and roof to find and evaluate problems. These are common areas where small issues can start, so it pays to be vigilant.