3 Tips for Pruning Your Trees

Home Maintenance


Having healthy trees in on your property is key to ensuring that no stray branches or large limbs will fall at unexpected times, potentially causing damage or harm to people. Most people will hire tree services Parkville MD to do the pruning for them, but if you have your own equipment you can do the maintenance if you feel comfortable with it.

When NOT to Prune

Do not prune your trees during the fall or when it is wet. Pruning during fall is the worst time to remove any material from your trees because doing so actually¬†encourages¬†new growth. You don’t want to confuse your trees and stunt their growth when they should be getting ready to go dormant for the winter months.

Do not prune your trees when it’s wet outside or if there has been a lot of recent precipitation. Microbial growth is stimulated during wet periods and could cause spread of disease throughout the tree and the ones nearby.

Signs It’s Time to Prune

Broken branches, misshapen trees, and dead limbs are 3 common signs that trees will exhibit when it’s time to prune them. It’s best to act on these signs as soon as you see them because they can be hazardous.

The clearest and most important sign is broken branches, since it could be a sign of rot or weakness in the tree, meaning that if it had less branches and material weighing it down it could recover. Broken limbs will often pop up after heavy storms and winds.

Trees that are misshapen or have lots of dead limbs is a clear sign that they need to be pruned for their own health. Trees that are growing unevenly can cause their eventual death, so you’ll want to prune them and remove all dead limbs to promote new growth.

Now that you know how to take better care of your trees, you’ll be able to maintain their health for years to come.