3 Simple Ways To Prevent Erosion in Your Yard

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Erosion refers to the process by which topsoil is carried away, leaving the remaining surface to wear down over time. On a large scale, erosion can cause major shorelines to break down and can cause buildings to become unstable. At the smaller level, it is an issue for many landowners, landscapers and gardeners. There are simple measures that can be taken to prevent erosion from happening, and doing so can increase the health and longevity of your land.

Plant Trees, Grass and Bushes

Planting various types of vegetation can help keep soil in place. The roots of trees, grass and bushes bind the soil together, making it more compact and harder to erode. These plants also protect the land’s surface from wind and rain, which contributes to erosion. There are certain planting techniques specifically used for erosion control southern California that work quickly and effectively. Consider asking an expert which plants would work best for your land.

Cover Your Soil with Mulch

Covering your soil with mulch, wood chips and dead leaves can help protect it from erosion. Placing a layer of mulch over your land adds an extra layer of protection from water and rain, which are the main contributors to erosion. The mulch can also help supply nutrients to the soil and prevent weeds from growing. There are other options besides mulch, such as straw or wood chips.

Install Windbreakers

The wind is one of the main causes of erosion. Consider building or planting windbreakers around your land to prevent the top layers of soil from blowing away. There are two main options for windbreakers: plants and artificial barriers. Certain types of plants, such as evergreen trees, can be effective windbreakers. You can also install barriers made of wood, cloth or plastic to protect against the wind.

You want to keep your land healthy and protected. Using one or more of these techniques, you can prevent erosion that could cause long-term damage.