3 Great Value-Adding Residential Landscape Design Tips

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Wondering how you can get top dollar for your home when you go to sell it? Whether you’re gearing up to sell now or just planning for the future, you might be surprised to know that increasing your home’s curb appeal with great landscaping is a great way to make your home more marketable. Here are three landscape design tips that add value to the home.

1. Create a Cohesive Design

Just like on the interior of a house, cohesion is important when it comes to the exterior. Many real estate experts stress that following a theme in your landscape design makes a house much more appealing to potential buyers. You could create a Zen water garden, a formal garden or even a container garden if your yard space is limited. Consult your local experts in residential landscape design Memphis TN to help you select and execute the perfect theme for your yard.

2. Trim the Trees

Trees are an attractive feature in any landscape, but only if they’re in healthy condition. Trim your trees so that they retain an attractive shape. Also, be sure to get rid of any branches that are hanging over your roof. When you go to sell, buyers see this as a potential future worry so it’s best to get rid of extra branches that could become a hazard.

3. Plant Living Borders

You can frame your property with texture and color by planting floral borders along your property lines. Create new flowerbeds and fill them with plants of varying heights, with tall shrubs at the center and colorful annuals and bulbs on the edges. Spread a fresh layer of mulch to provide a finished look.

Extra selling features make a difference on your bottom line when you go to sell your home. Complete these aesthetic and functional landscaping improvements to wow potential buyers before they even come through your front door.