3 Ways To Use a Finished Basement

Having a house with a finished basement can be a wonderful way to use all of the available space in a residence. Many people use that extra space as storage, a den or as a craft area. However, there are other ways to put that space to use, including as a source of income.

1. Rental Space

A fully finished basement can be used as a source of income. If unable to complete the renovations alone, then a basement building services Canton GA can transform the basement into a suitable studio apartment, complete with a bathroom, kitchen, living area and bedroom. Anyone living near a college campus will likely find a steady supply of young students looking for a good place to live while they are in school.

2. Movie Theater

Going to the movie theater is a fun experience, but some people prefer to have the big screen, comfy seats and snacks without sitting in a big crowd. The floor can be raised on an angle to further enhance the feel of a real theater and a popcorn maker placed on a table for fresh, delicious popcorn. A basement can be the perfect place to construct a home theater to enjoy the latest thriller or an old classic.

3. Home Office

Many people work from home, either for themselves or for a company. The basement can be a great place to create a spacious home office. If the business owner creates a physical product, the entire space can be converted to accommodate the workspace. Finished basements can also make good spaces to conduct music, dance or exercise lessons.

It can be easy to think of the basement as being a drab, uninviting space. By analyzing the needs of the household and thinking creatively, it is possible to turn an unused space into something special.…

3 Key Winter Curb Appeal Tips for Businesses

Want to make sure your commercial space looks great throughout the gray days of the winter season? You shouldn’t neglect the appearance of your business just because it’s cold outside. Here are three key tips for boosting the curb appeal of your business during the cold months of winter.

1. Add Landscaping

Landscaping brings natural beauty to the exterior of any building, whether residential or commercial. You can still landscape your commercial property in the winter months by planting colorful flowers that bloom in the cold weather, including winter jasmine and cyclamen. It’s a great idea to consult an expert to select the right plants to brighten up your commercial space.

2. Keep Parking Areas Clear

Parking areas are a challenge to maintain, especially during the winter months when landscaping debris and precipitation can make these areas look bad. In addition, failing to maintain the parking lot also poses a potential safety hazard. Rely on an expert service for snow clearing Elyria OH to ensure that you and your customers are able to safely access your commercial property after any snow event.

3. Use Lighting To Create Warmth

A little extra light can really set your commercial space apart and create a warmth that your customers will appreciate. You likely already have some lighting installed around your business building and parking areas, but setting up some spotlights and path lights that run on 2700K LED bulbs will cast a nice glow over your property. You could also hang some string lights – even after the holiday season, extra twinkling lights make any building look a lot more cheerful and welcoming.

Curb appeal is important regardless of the season. By following the tips above, you give the exterior of your commercial space a charming upgrade that cuts through the gray days of winter.…