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Signs That Your Child Needs Therapy

Adolescence is usually a very difficult time for many people, and one should be very careful when their child is in this stage. One thing everyone should know is that there is a big difference between typical teen angst and mental health issues in teens. Teens just like any other people can end up being depressed, have anxiety, develop eating disorder or mental issues. Below are some guidelines that will help you know that your teen needs therapy.

Substance abuse is one factor that will guide you when making such a decision. It is quite unfortunate when you realize that the society these days has normalized the use of marijuana and drinking of alcohol.If you notice that your teen is doing such things you should pay close attention because they can be addictive and hard for them to stop the habit. Self-medication is another factor that most teenagers start doing, and it is usually an indication that they are suffering from anxiety, depression or mental health issue. If you notice that your teen is doing this things, it is advisable for you to ensure that you take fast measures in making sure that they go for therapy or teen counseling.

Teens can also be triggered by traumatic events in life such as the death of a loved one or when their parents get divorced. If your teen has gone through some type of trauma; it is usually a good idea if you set them up with a therapist.A therapist will be useful as they will help your teen work through the trauma that they experienced in a healthy way. Never ignore signs of self-harming when it comes to your child because it is really crucial and they need help as soon as possible. One thing that you should know is that it is quite unfortunate that people who self-harm themselves are teenagers. Self harm can take a variety of form such as cutting, burning and picking old wounds just to mention a few examples. It is one of the signs discover more of serious depression that usually needs a lot of attention and help as soon as possible. When you notice your teenager sleeps a lot it can be an indication that they need help as soon as possible.When you notice your teen likes sleeping quite a lot and not waking up then that should be alarming as it is an indication of about depression.One thing that you should know is that sleeping patterns does change but if your teenager does not want to wake up and it just wants to stay in bed and sleep you should get alarmed and take drastic measures.