The Three Best Features of the Novaform Mattress

The novaform mattress is well-named. Utilizing fantastic new technology at an affordable rate, this mattress is looking to lead the way to new places in the industry. Below is a quick overview of the three best features that any shopper can take advantage of today.

Motion Coverage

A common problem with many mattresses, especially those that are not labeled firm, is the motion sensitivity. One subtle movement in the mattress and the whole thing seems to jolt and shift. Motion isolation is the sensitivity the mattress has to movement. The novaform mattress has a quiet and rigid demeanor in regards to shifting and movement. The motion sensitivity and isolation is highly-rated, and one of the most impressive features.

Heat Allocation

Heat is one of the most damaging problems in even the best of mattresses. It doesn’t take much for all that high-rated firmness and body contouring to be ineffective against a thin layer of sweat that can never seem to fully go away. The heat allocation in the novaform is impeccable. Utilizing an ultra soft cooling fabric, sleepers can feel the freshness move and shift between their skin and the mattress.

The middle layer is designed to keep the air flowing naturally and openly. The fabric itself remains impressively cool so sleepers don’t start to develop that thin sweat in the first place. The end result is a rich and productive product. The entire fabric conforms comfortably to the skin so there are no issues with stickiness or a lack of back support.

Three Layers of Support

The mattress excels at doing the most important job of all- keeping the back supported. It accomplishes this with three different layers. What causes sleepers to toss and turn in bed? Motion and heat are two big concerns, which are both directly addressed above. But, the biggest is evenly distributed pressure.

Sleepers turn to redistribute or refresh the stress on the back. Most people do it without even thinking, often causing them to stir consciously awake. The three layers here evenly distribute the weight through various pressure points. Sleep will come easier, and with fewer interruptions, with this prompt change in the mattress.