Benefits of Sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress

Over the past two decades, memory foam mattresses have transformed from a novelty into a very popular and affordable mattress. The reason for the drastic change is in comfort and the technology the memory foam mattress offers. There are several benefits that one gets when sleeping on this type of mattress. Let us have a look.

Pressure Point Relief

The first use of a memory foam mattress was in hospitals to protect, cushion, and comfort people admitted in hospitals. It was initially introduced for the individuals in intensive care units and the cushions on wheelchairs. When an individual lies in one position for a long time the pressure of gravity and the upward resistance of the beddings affect the blood circulation and damages the soft tissues. The pressure relieving feature of the memory foam helps to prevent sores as well as minimize pain in the sensitive areas. This is still one of the most important benefits of memory foam mattresses.

Helps in Spine Alignment

Memory foam mattresses support every part of the body evenly and separately by spreading the weight of the body across the surface of the bed. The mattress contours tote curves of the body while supporting the lower back and allowing the spine to stay in a neutral position. In other materials, their weight is always concentrated in the areas that are in contact with the mattress. In most cases, the supported regions are the shoulders, hips and the heels. The lower back is in most cases left unsupported, and this can eventually lead to muscle tension and back pain.

Prevents and Helps Relieve Pain

The support and pressure point relief offered by the memory foam mattress helps in to relieve pain as well as prevent it. New owners who have constant back pain, report of reducing pain once they start sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are ideal for individuals with painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Memory foam mattresses contribute to a great night sleep even for individuals in pain. In addition to having the many benefits the mattress last longer than any other types of mattresses. One can visit this website for more information.