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Choosing the Hair Dryer that Fits Your Facilities

Now that you’ve decided on purchasing a salon hair dryer for your facility, the next step would be to seriously consider which of the hair dryer models is ideal for your needs based on features and benefits. Despite the options, before beginning your search it’s highly recommended that you take into account the space and facilities of your area.

Equipped with information regarding the location as well as users or visitors that will handle the hair dryer, you can explore and compare the options available. Based on the description of the product and reviews made by others users, it will be easy to see if the hair dryer you want to purchase is ideal for the job.

Hair Dryer’s Usage

Based on the daily volume of visitors or users, there are types of salon hair dryers to choose from. Light duty hair dryers are the first on the list, they can be compared to the hair dryers that you’d usually see at hotel rooms, ship cabins, nursing homes and student accommodations; these light duty hair dryers are meant for individual user and performs up to 1,500 hours. Hair dryers that fit under medium traffic blow dryers are crucial for small public places that demand a bit more; the service that medium hair dryers need to provide vary between 1,500 to 2,000 hours. Lastly, heavy duty hair dryers are those installed in leisure centers, bog swimming pools and leisure centers that have to feature a usage capacity of 2,000 to 10,000 hours; these are typically labelled as collective use or public area blow dryers.


If you prioritize on the kind of handset a hair dryer features, you’d be surprised at the variety that commercial hair dryers have. For hair dryers that are handheld and without mounting, you could purchase a separate hair dryer holder or maybe get creative and create a hole in a shelf. Hair dryers that come with tailored wall mount brackets are positioned depending on the area’s layout; they can be placed in a frontal or lateral position but the former case requires less wall space.

Hair dryers motors mounted with handsets and hose are typically the models with efficient water resistance. Quality bathroom hair dryers that contain independent back plates effectively separate electrical area from the body of the hair dryer.

Power Connection

Hair dryers could be connected in a handful of ways at commercial and public areas; with a plug or a concealed connection. Some professional electricians remove the handheld hair dryer’s plug and permanently connect it to the socket; there are hotel bedrooms that feature this setup.

What I Can Teach You About Salons

What I Can Teach You About Salons