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Canine: Man’s Best Friend

Whoever said that the dog is man’s best friend do understand what it means when he said that and for most of us, pet owners, this statement is very real as we experience it in our lives with them. The reality is that dogs contribute to the lives of people and other animals in many important ways. Since man and dog have found each other, the relationship has been one of true friendship, loyalty, and care. Dogs are not like any other animal. The way dogs interact with humans is something unique and cannot be seen in other animals. This has led to many dog breeds or canine companions that we know today.

In this world, dogs play a very important role. People who own a dog know what it is to have a loving companion who is also considered part of the family. But it is not only for human companionship that dogs are known for because throughout history we have seen many heroic deeds that dogs have done that we humans are not even able to do. The experience of having a dog by our side is indeed an extraordinary experience.

One of the roles that dogs have played through the years is its role in law enforcement. Dogs are used to detect bombs and for many other important tasks. Dogs have been trained to do human rescue work. Whether it be in the wilderness, water, snow, or during an earthquake, dogs have been seen helping recuse humans. Dogs can indeed be relied on when doing human rescue work and they have proven that we can rely on their ability to rescue lives. Whenever they are able to do these difficult tasks, they do not even ask for anything in return but to continue loving and caring for them.

Dogs can also serve as a helper to the disabled human. Many people with disabilities know the value of a well-trained dog. Dogs help blind people to see their way through without experiencing any danger. Dogs help in many other disabilities where personal aid is in need. And, like a good family member, they don’t ask anything n return.

Perhaps the most unique part of our relationship with the dog is their willingness or ability to become part of the human family. They feel like they belong to a pack. With the help of the canine, the relationship between man and his dog has been molded into what you see today.

It is not really a wonder why people call dogs man’s best friend. Perhaps the canine thinks of us as their best friend too.

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